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How to Elevate the Flavors on National Hamburger Day

Who doesn’t love sinking their teeth into a juicy, delicious hamburger? There’s a reason why these beefy beauties frequently find themselves atop “favorite food” roundups. However, just as noshing on an unbelievably delicious burger can be a revelation, so can slogging through an inferior burger be the ultimate letdown. The good news? There’s one easy way to ensure that you never again find yourself in the latter predicament: Gourmet mail order burgers.

We can think of no better time to spread the word about these best-ever burgers than approaching the observation of National Hamburger Day this May 28th. Here’s everything you need to know to reach burger nirvana this summer.

The New Burger Order

According to a recent New York Magazine article, “There was a time when the idea of turning a piece of dry-aged beef into a burger would be considered an act of blasphemy, not unlike shredding a Chanel gown to make a bandanna.” But that’s all changed, and custom blends are where it’s at.


There’s hot burgers. And then there’s haute burgers.

A recent Grub Street article on the hamburger declares that “the old burger order seems to be crumbling.” While burgers have reigned supreme for decades, gone are the days when any old burger will do. Continues Grub Street, “Hamburgers are no longer being taken for granted, and the so-called better-burger movement is on fire.”

Burger devotee George Motz echoed this sentiment: “Without a doubt,” he said, “The burgerscape has changed dramatically.” More specifically, Motz was referring to artisan and craft burgers, about which he told Grub Street, “You’ve got these chefs that are putting their spin on the classic in a really, really great way. They’re making these burgers where it’s obvious when you take your first bite that….it’s not just a burger, an afterthought.”

One of the biggest names on the burger scene? Celebrity butcher — yes, there are such things in the new burger world order — Pat LaFrieda. Says Grub Street of his emergence as the go-to purveyor of transcendent custom blends, “There was a gustatory logic to his grinds: Brisket, which he often used in the mix, contains naturally occurring oleic acid, which imparts an appealing, very particular fattiness; and short rib has a certain greasy softness and pungency that ‘brings in the chocolate of the meat,’ [in the words of chef Henry Meer].”

Introduce everything from molecular gastronomy to consultations with oral physiologists aimed at determining optimal patty thickness, and this is most definitely not your mother’s hamburger.

Far From an Afterthought

While Grub Street has proclaimed New York to be “a locus of innovation at all tiers of burgerdom,” you don’t have to take up residence in the city that never sleeps to enjoy the fruits — or meats — of today’s best burger makers, including the legendary LaFrieda himself. Dubbed “The Magician of Meat” by New York Magazine, Pat put his family’s near century-old meat business on the map when he began originating custom burger blends heralded as the best around.

But while LaFrieda may be the biggest name in burgers, he’s not the only game in town. From Flannery Beef to Chicago Steak Company, they’re all within your reach thanks to gourmet mail order food company FoodyDirect.

Your Best Burger Yet

While working with the very best ingredients is an essential part of crafting consummate burgers, that’s only part of the big picture. Before you fire up the grill this summer, heed advice LaFrieda himself shared with Gotham magazine on how best to avoid burger blunders: “The biggest mistake is the most obvious: When people put the meat on the grill and it’s not hot enough yet. It sounds so simple, but it happens time and time again, and it’s the biggest mistake,” said LaFrieda. His recommendation? “Five hundred degrees for surface area or higher is the optimal [temperature], but people often make the mistake of putting it on at 300 or so. You need to make sure you get that sizzle when the meat is put on, and the way to do that is to have a perfectly hot grill.”


Brioche bun bliss.

And don’t underestimate the bun, either. While there’s nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned poppy seed version, a buttery brioche from Ceci Cela offers next-level lusciousness.

If you’re ready to take your burgers from ho-hum to humdingers this grilling season, FoodyDirect is a bastion of all things burger. And while you’re at it,  why not throw some of the country’s best barbecue into the mix by browsing FoodyDirect’s inventory of mouth-watering barbecue, too? (Not sure which ‘cue to choose? Don’t miss our comprehensive guide, “The Ultimate BBQ Face-Off.“)