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Delicious Desserts for All Your Three-Day Weekend Festivities

If you haven’t started already, it’s time to begin thinking about Memorial Day weekend festivities, including what to serve or bring to any cookouts. Luckily, along with the great grill items we featured last week, we’ve got amazing desserts, too. Order any of the following treats to bring an authentic taste of summer to your picnic table or backyard barbecue.

Anderson’s Frozen Custard


Whether you’ve had the extra-creamy goodness that is frozen custard or simply heard about the specialty from Western New York, you can try the best here, thanks to our partnership with Anderson’s Frozen Custard. Family-owned, they’ve  been serving exceptionally rich and creamy frozen custard (and award-winning handmade ice creams) since 1946. Order Now

Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches


If your event calls for ice cream sandwiches, you won’t find better ice-cream-and-cookie combos than those from Nye’s Cream Sandwiches. Handcrafted in small batches from the finest ingredients and offered in classic and bold new  flavors, these North Carolina delicacies redefine just how good the frozen dessert can be. Try traditional flavors like vanilla/chocolate or peppermint/chocolate or spring flavors like coconut/chocolate or blueberry pie. Order Now

The Best Pies Ever


Just how good are these freshly-baked pies from Traverse City, Michigan’s Grand Traverse Pie Company? Put it this way: Famed chef Mario Batali calls them “a religious experience.” Founded in 1996, this family owned bakery prides itself on making pies the old-fashioned way—by handcrafting premium ingredients, including fresh local fruit, into exquisite (and notably substantial) pies that are slowly cooked to crisp-crumble-topped perfection. Try Mario’s favorite–the cherry crumb pie–or reach for peach, blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb, or more. Whatever you get, we promise you’ll be blown away. Order Now