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Deli Sandwiches a Winning Super Bowl Game Day Food

What makes a deli sandwich different than a regular sandwich? And what makes a great delicatessen different from a merely good one? The answer to both questions, as it turns out, is one and the same: A lot. If you’re planning a Super Bowl bash for the sure-to-be-epic contest between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons this February 5th, there’s only one type of sandwich guaranteed to score a touchdown with your guests: Real deli sandwiches from a truly great delicatessen.

Game day food

Putting the “deli” in delicious.

Here’s a closer look at what makes authentic deli sandwiches better than the rest, along with how to get them shipped directly to your door for an unbeatable Super Bowl spread this year.

The 411 on Delicatessens

To get back to our original question: How does a delicatessen differ from any other sandwich shop? For starters, how many sandwich shops do you know that have been described as “less a shop than a cultural icon” by The Economist? Meanwhile, in his comprehensive accounting of the deli phenomenon, Pastrami on Rye: An Overstuffed History of the Jewish Deli, Religious and Judaic Studies Professor Ted Merwin describes the critical role delis played in the assimilation of Jewish immigrants in America:

“The history of the delicatessen is the history of the Jews eating themselves into Americans.”

Delis may have special meaning for Jewish people, but they have universal appeal. Perhaps food historian John Mariana sums it up best in declaring that delis “represented American bounty in its most voluptuous and self-indulgent form.” (And if you think the words “voluptuous” and “deli sandwich” are mutually exclusive, you haven’t eaten the right one yet.)

And while an article in The Guardian listed 10 answers to the question, “What should a truly great deli be about?” one, in particular, stands out: “A deli should celebrate the unique and individual.” It is exactly this attribute that has helped distinguish today’s leading and lasting delis from the crowd of also-rans.

Serve Up Something Special

We’ve all had grocery store deli platters at various office parties and other events. And while they may be edible (if barely so), they’re anything but epicurean. And they certainly don’t even belong in the same sentence with the true deli sandwich offerings of New York institutions like Ben’s Best Kosher Deli, Mile End Delicatessen, and Arthur Avenue Italian Deli.

Head south of New York, meanwhile, and you’ll make your way to Campo’s Deli, which has been slinging exceptional Philly-style cheesesteaks and hoagies to in-the-know Philadelphians since 1947. (The Eagles might not have made it into the Super Bowl, but their consolation prize is their proximity to these local favorites.)

Planning a game day bash and think you’re out of luck just because you don’t live near one of these legendary establishments? Think again. Leading mail order food company, FoodyDirect, puts the planet’s best Philly cheesesteaks and pastrami, salami, and rolled beef sandwiches literally at your fingertips — not to mention fresh rolls, deli mustard, Russian dressing, pickles, and everything else you need to pull off the perfect deli sandwiches without hitting the road.

Game day food

Don’t forget to order up plenty of crowd-pleasing pickles.

Or, consider heading in an entirely different direction by paying homage to the host city of Houston and ordering from Kenny & Ziggy’s instead. An authentic Jewish delicatessen transplanted to Texas by third-generation New York deli man Ziggy Gruber, Kenny & Ziggy’s has been awarded the title of “Deli of the Year” by the New York Delicatessen Dealers Association and also received an “Excellent” rating from Zagat, which declared it to be a “haven for homesick New Yorkers.”

One thing is for certain. Whatever type of deli sandwiches you select for this year’s Super Bowl party menu, you can be sure you’re making an awesome play by ordering them — and all of your game day food — from FoodyDirect. Shop deli sandwiches and other nosh-worthy snacks and meals for the Super Bowl at FoodyDirect today.