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Corporate Giving: What’s Trending Now

The business world is constantly changing, and with it trends for corporate giving. Wondering how best to show your appreciation for everyone from employees to clients in the year ahead? We’ve got a roundup of all things corporate giving in 2016 and beyond, so let’s count down four of the hottest trends happening right now in the corporate giving world.

Corporate giving

The perfect, personalized gift for BBQ buffs.

1. Food Satisfies

The old adage insisting that, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” absolutely applies when it comes to corporate giving. While food gifts in themselves are nothing new, what is new is the breadth and depth of types of food available, thanks to today’s mail order food options.

In an era in which personalization reigns supreme, the extensive offerings of companies like FoodyDirect let corporate gift givers find the perfect edible expression of gratitude, respect and fellowship. From regional delights to cult favorites, you’re sure to find gifts for foodies that speak to the individual tastes of each recipient…not to mention the thoughtfulness of the gift giver.

2. Award It

Corporate giving programs aren’t just about clients and customers. In an era in which employee turnover is higher than ever, an employee recognition program can be an invaluable retention tool. Factor in the Millennial mindset which prioritizes making a contribution and being part of a mission above all else, and the value of rewarding employees becomes even clearer.

While employee recognition ceremonies are one way to go, many companies are also adopting different approaches. Hosting a breakfast, brunch or lunch for staff boosts morale, engagement and loyalty.

3. Quality is Key

Think it’s the thought that counts? Think again. We are living in an age of utility where value trumps mere sentiment. With the market for corporate gifts on the rise, not only are more businesses giving corporate gifts, but they’re also willing to spend more.

Corporate giving

Luscious cherries are a tasty treat for health-minded recipients.

Many companies are choosing to think of corporate and employee gifts not just as tokens, but as investments in ongoing relationships with constituents. Rather than selecting trinkets of negligible value, gift givers are opting for items which can be put to use in a tangible (and often tasty) way.

4. Tiered Giving

All clients and employees aren’t created equal. Nor are all corporate gifts. When crafting corporate giving strategies, many companies are turning toward tiered systems in which top clients and employees receive gifts of a higher value while others receive more scaled down gifts.

The value in this approach is dual: not only is it a money-saver, but it allows you to choose gifts at an appropriate level which will resonate with recipients.

Corporate giving

Brunch is served…with a side of employee satisfaction.

Today’s corporate giving strategies are in keen alignment with an overall business climate in which personalization is the mandate, relationships are everything, and the mission matters. These four tips can help today’s businesses devise and implement optimal corporate giving plans. Ready to make your corporate giving program more effective and productive? Shop FoodyDirect gifts today.