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Corporate Gifts That Can Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a leading business priority for today’s progress-minded companies, according to the Harvard Business Review. Why? Because engagement has been linked to everything from increased innovation to enhanced productivity while reducing hiring costs and boosting bottom-line performance.

Just how important is employee engagement? A whopping 71 percent of business leaders ranked employee engagement as mission-critical for organizational success. And yet, a mere 24 percent reported that their own employees were highly engaged. So what is an innovative business leader to do in order to step up employee engagement? Adapt an old adage to meet modern times, “The way to your employees’ hearts is through their stomachs.”

Corporate gifts

If there’s a better way to show your appreciation, we can’t think of it.

A Three-Point Guide to More Engaged Employees

When asked to list the most important contributing factors to success in the contemporary business landscape, executive-level innovators came up with four main concepts: customer service, communications, strong leadership, and employee engagement.

As companies gain access to the metrics to monitor how engagement affects human capital, they’re also taking steps to optimize engagement while minimizing the high costs of turnover.

Understanding the importance of employee engagement is only half of the equation. Businesses must also employ tactics toward the execution of engagement-boosting strategies. According to the Garage Group Advisory Board, there are three main ways to amp up employee engagement, including:

  • Involving employees in creating ideas for focus
  • Following through on these shared ideas
  • Celebrating success stories in a tangible way

While the first and second are in your hands, today’s mail order food companies can help you with the third.

Why Food, Why Now?

Corporate food gifts have always been popular — both for clients and team members. But they’re more important than ever in the current workplace. Why? Because as businesses strive to engage the quickly growing Millennial generation, they’re realizing that a different approach is in order — not only because Millennials are more prone to turnover, but also because they value recognition and fun when it comes to accepting — and staying with — a job. One way to combine both of these imperatives? Gourmet gifts.

Sometimes an employee deserves special recognition for a particular milestone. In this case, a luxurious, decadent and creamy food gift from NYC cheese mecca Murray’s Cheese can demonstrate your profound gratitude, while simultaneously promoting a sense of job fulfillment in the recipient…not to mention offering motivation for future success.

But remember: the more you tailor a food gift to an employee’s preferences, the greater its impact will be. So whether you’re shopping for a corporate carnivore or sweets lover, you can promote greater engagement through everything from ribeye steak to rhubarb pie.

Corporate gifts

Want your employees to stick around? Compel them with custard.

If a department or group’s success is up for recognition, give them the festive, morale-boosting opportunity to celebrate together over a sublime smoked salmon breakfast smorgasbord from Sable’s Smoked Fish.

Another way to go? Serving up an unexpected end-of-the-day dessert celebration can help reinforce good teamwork while inspiring other departments to strive for the same sweet rewards. Our picks? A crowd-pleasing cheesecake delivery featuring the famously delicious Cheesecake Sampler from Food Network star’s spot, Eileen’s Special Cheesecake, or a good old-fashioned frozen custard feast from family-owned Buffalo institution Anderson’s Frozen Custard.

There’s no more important time than right now to start thinking about initiatives to recruit and retain employees. Keep them engaged and enjoy a better bottom line by rewarding your staff with the always-in-style gift of food.