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Cheese and More: What Millennials Are Craving

To say that Millennials are objects of interest in society today is a massive understatement. After all, there are more than 75 million of them, and their habits and behaviors are shaping the world. And while their collective technological savvy, unique diversity, and entrepreneurial spirit are among their more commonly-discussed traits, we’re more interested in something just a bit, well, tastier: What are they eating and why? Let’s take a closer look.

Cheese and more

Cheese: made to be savored and shared.

The Millennial Food Movement

Before zeroing in on what Millennials are putting on their plates, it’s first important to understand what’s driving them. An abundance of research tells us that when Millennials sit down to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they’re not just looking forward to the meal, but also to the experience.

The book A Taste of Generation Yum: How the Millennial Generation’s Love for Organic Fare, Celebrity Chefs, and Microbrews Will Make or Break the Future of Food by Eve Turow proposes that in today’s digital world, the enjoyment of food is about more than merely fulfilling a physical need, but about emotional sustenance, as well.

In other words, in a society in which so many interactions are electronic, food engages all of the senses while bringing people together and providing a sense of community which might otherwise be missing. Turow goes so far, in fact, as to describe the Millennial “foodie” movement — more than half of Millennials identify themselves as such — as an “obsession.” (One study from ad agency Havas Worldwide even concludes that many Millennials favor food over sex.) And because it matters so much to them, Millennials prioritize wholesome, local and original ingredients above all else.

A Different Kind of Delivery

This is not to say that Millennials reject the fusion of technology and food. In fact, the opposite is occurring — particularly given the Millennial distaste for “big food.”

In their quest to embrace the original, assert their individuality, and reject conformity, Millennials are looking for options outside the aisles of their local supermarket aisle. Gourmet food delivery fills this void by allowing them to click their way to selections which might not be available to them locally, but which still fulfill the local, homegrown and artisan qualities they seek in food.

Embracing All Things Artisan

Speaking of artisan, this is a key word when it comes to Millennial tastes. Above all else, Millennials want to feel a connection with their food and with the people who made it. In short: pedigree matters.

Take cheese, for example. USA Today’s Reviewed.com recently highlighted a generational love of cheese, which Millennials often turn to when entertaining.

However, not just any platter of ho-hum cheddar and brie will do. Millennials hosts and hostesses are seeking out new and exciting offerings from family farms and local artisans as a means of “encouraging guests to try something new.” This imperative keenly aligns with the mail order food movement where the country’s most interesting artisan cheeses are readily available in one central and carefully cultivated place.

Other hallmarks of Millennial attitudes toward food? Authentic diversity, social consciousness, and the willingness to dip into decadence.

Cheese and more

Authentic antipasto turns any Millennial meal into a celebration.

Lastly, it’s important to note that it’s not just what Millennials are eating, but how they prefer to eat it. Cooking and eating at home, and sharing that experience with friends, is something they value, although they also want the freedom to enjoy the meal — yet another reason why outside-the-box gourmet meal delivery options are appealing to Millennial appetites. Selecting a gift for a Millennial or planning on doing some epicurean entertaining of your own? Shop gifts, foods, and much more at FoodyDirect today.