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Friday Food Fetish: Black’s Barbecue’s Rib Sampler

Spare ribs, short ribs, baby back ribs, beef ribs, we love ’em all. There’s just something immensely satisfying about biting into smoky, juicy ribs with meat that falls right off the bone, especially if they’re in the form of Edgar Black’s Rib Sampler from Black’s Barbecue. The oldest family owned and run barbecue joint in Texas promises a gastronomic experience unlike any other with ... Read More »

Anderson’s Frozen Custard’s Sweetly Supports Our Troops in Afghanistan!

On a hot August afternoon this year, US Army Captain Inga Wildermuth and her team serving in Afghanistan were the recipients of a very special delivery—the first-ever overseas delivery from Anderson’s Frozen Custard. Anderson’s owner Holly Anderson, who happens to be Inga’s proud mom, was nervous about sending the package. Clearing customs wasn’t the problem. The concern was whether or ... Read More »

Who Are You Calling a Fat Witch?

Quick. Think of a catchy name for a bakery. We’re betting “Fat Witch” isn’t the first term that comes to mind. Interestingly, the phrase has become synonymous with the most spectacular brownies in New York City, which—full disclosure—happen to be available through our site. So how did the bakery get a moniker that includes a word no branding expert in ... Read More »

Shipping Costs in Context

We know!  We know that because of food’s perishable nature, shipping it across the country is expensive.  And we are not happy about that  either. As we evolve, we’ll do everything we can to lower the price of shipping so it will cost less to get the great food from our partners delivered directly to you. In another posting, we’ll ... Read More »

Friday Food Fetish: Sable’s Lox & Bagels

Today, like most days, we’re lusting after these amazing bagels & lox from New York City’s Sable’s. We order them for the office with embarrassing frequency because, quite frankly, no West Coast imitations come even close to the real-deal from Manhattan. The perfectly textured H&H bagels, smoked salmon that’s expertly selected daily from New York’s finest smokehouses, and whipped cream cheese brings ... Read More »

Why We Founded FoodyDirect

I grew up, in the sixties and seventies, in a food-loving family on New York’s Long Island. Our family dinners at home, restaurant jaunts, and annual feasts like Thanksgiving were celebrations of both togetherness and of joyful indulgence. For me, enjoyment of great food has always been a passion. In my frequent travels as a technology investment banker at Goldman ... Read More »

It’s Julia Child’s 100th Birthday!

Today marks what would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday. Born on August 15, 1912, the warbly gourmand introduced French cooking to the home kitchen, empowered amateur chefs, and permanently transformed the course of American cuisine. Her warm and cheerful nature assured us that it’s okay to take risks in the kitchen and ultimately led to a generation of innovative chefs ... Read More »

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Welcome to our new blog! We’re excited to share all of our latest food discoveries and happenings with you—and this is where we’ll be doing it! Check here regularly to get: The scoop on new partners and dishes featured on FoodyDirect Insiders’ looks at the very special restaurants, bakeries, and purveyors we feature Serving, entertaining, and cooking tips from some ... Read More »