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Holiday Gift Baskets 101

Basket weaving is one of the oldest crafts of human civilization. According to scholars, one of the earliest accounts of a gift coming in a basket is in the story of the pagan goddess Eostre, who carried a basket of young plants to be used as a sacred offering. Although the act of giving gifts in baskets is an old ... Read More »

Give a Gift, Get Amazing Pie for $1.99 (Plus Other Jaw-Dropping Deals) on FoodyDirect


Here at FoodyDirect, ’tis already the season to be jolly because for a limited time, you get $25 OFF your next purchase when you send a delicious gift from FoodyDirect.com! That means you can treat yourself to amazing coffeecakes from My Grandma’s of New England for just $7.95 plus low flat-rate shipping, addictive chocolate-covered caramels from Droga’s Chocolates for $6.95 ... Read More »

7 Gluten-Free Ingredients To Use In Your Fall Cookie Recipes


Good news for gluten-free cookie lovers: You don’t have to give up cookies, resign yourself to making gluten-free cookies from a store-bought mix, or turn only to dry, crumbly readymade gluten-free cookies found on grocery shelves! Any or all of the following seven ingredients can make gluten-free cookie baking a delicious breeze and enhance your gluten-free cookie experience so you ... Read More »

Gourmet Chocolates for a Grown-up Halloween


Forget the tricks! We’re all about the treats. And not just any sweets, either! For a quick fix this Halloween, rather than rummaging through your kid’s candy bag after they’ve crashed from the ultimate sugar high, why not treat yourself to some wickedly good gourmet chocolate indulgences? Worth every single calorie and then some, the following cocoa-laden temptations make excellent ... Read More »

FREE SHIPPING on Pat LaFrieda Burger Blends!


Great news for burger lovers! In honor of the NYC Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash presented by Pat LaFrieda and hosted by Rachael Ray, we’re offering this exclusive FoodyDirect package from PatLaFrieda Meats with FREE SHIPPING for a limited time! You’ll get Pat’s Champion Burger Combo, which features two legendary burger blends from Pat LaFrieda–3 pounds of their original ... Read More »

In Honor of Columbus Day: Your Chance to Discover the New World’s Best Italian Food


In honor of Columbus Day, we’re featuring delicious Italian delicacies for food adventurers everywhere–with a nod of appreciation to the Italian people and their heritage that made their way to our country, hearts, and appreciative stomachs. Shop our partners who specialize in the finest Italian food and have a fantastic Columbus Day. Happy Eating! Arthur Avenue Italian Deli A Bronx, ... Read More »

Your Guide to Cheeses from Around the World

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Although more can certainly be more when it comes to cheese selections, a gigantic counter loaded with exotic cheeses from around the world can make choosing what to buy a daunting task. Fortunately, most stores with impressive cheese selections come with knowledgable staff to match. Still, it’s worth educating yourself even a little bit on the imported cheeses, specialty cheeses, ... Read More »