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You Can’t Spell Delicious Without “Deli”

Best deli in NYC

The 2015 documentary Deli Man mourned the decline of a great American tradition: the classic Jewish delicatessen. While it may be true that these fabled neighborhood eateries are no longer as omnipresent as they once were, several iconic eateries continue to keep the legacy alive…and the people well-fed. One particular establishment highlighted in the flick? Houston-based, New York-style restaurant Kenny ... Read More »

A NYC Foody Crawl


We love stopping in our partners whenever we can. Recently a couple team members were in NYC and went on a FoodyDirect crawl from Lower East Side to Union Square. Here’s a look at what a few New York partners are up to. (Incidentally, if you’re in NYC, this is a delicious way to sightsee. And you can always order from ... Read More »

Tastemonial: A Turner’s Seafood Extravaganza

I went to college in New Hampshire and graduate school near Boston and can personally attest to the sublime pleasure that can be derived from a seafood feast sourced from New England’s spectacular and bountiful coastal waters. So when I hosted a Company dinner for 10 at my home in Atherton, California, I turned to Turner’s Seafood, purveyor of an ... Read More »

Introducing Tastemonials!

We love hearing about food as much as we love talking about it. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Tastemonials! Tastemonials is a way for you to share your FoodyDirect dining experiences right on our blog. All you need to do to be considered to star in an upcoming “Tastemonials” blog post is tell us about a FoodyDirect dining experience—what ... Read More »