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Lobster’s Journey from Humble to Haute


Lobster may be posh today, but it was once the food of poor people and prisoners. So how did this now-celebrated shellfish ascend from humble origins to its status as one of society’s most fancy foods? There’s no better time to take a closer look at this oft-craved crustacean’s journey from cast-off to commodity than on National Lobster Day this ... Read More »

Thought Leader Series: An Alaskan Seafood Adventure

Alaskan seafood

Erin Pennings is a lifelong Alaskan with a passion for the Last Frontier and its phenomenal seafood. A marketer by trade, she serves up tasty treats and fun feats as a food/lifestyle blogger at SalmonAtSeven.com Alaska is a land of extremes. Of volcanoes and glaciers. Of daylight and night. Of mountains and deep fjords. Of the largest and smallest creatures ... Read More »

Luke’s Lobster’s Guide to an Epic Crab Claw Fest + a Special Deal!


As summer draws to a close, it’s time for one last hurrah. To celebrate a delicious season, we’re shipping you everything you need for a last crab claw fest for $10 off the original price! Enter coupon code CRABCLAW10 at checkout to score the deal! Luke’s Lobster‘s succulent, fresh crab claws from Maine’s pristine waters are best enjoyed simply with the accompanying cocktail ... Read More »

A Culinary Tour of Crabs: The Country’s Best Offerings


The old adage cautions that there are three things one should never talk about in polite company: politics, money and religion. We’ve got another subject about which people are equally passionate, but which can actually make for delicious dinner conversation: crabs. With approximately 4,500 species of crabs currently populating the planet, you may prefer one over the other depending on ... Read More »

Enjoy the Sea-Kissed Summer Flavors of Maine Lobster

Break out the bibs and crackers because we’ve got spectacular Maine lobster dishes that are perfect for summer entertaining! With warm eves and a desire for light yet memorable summer feasts, there is no better season to enjoy the delicious sea-kissed, succulent flavor of Maine lobster, and we have all the best ways to savor the delicacy. In honor of ... Read More »

Introducing Luke’s Lobster, Fresh From Maine!


One of the inspirations for founding FoodyDirect was the frustration we experienced when trying to determine which of the mail-order lobster companies we should order from. With dozens of options, how could we know who would deliver the freshest and best lobster, offer shipping that would ensure health and safety, and provide the best customer service? We couldn’t. So we ... Read More »

Our Best Resolution Keepers


By now you may have noticed that your gym isn’t quite as crowded as it was last week and perhaps your own will power isn’t quite as strong. (We feel you–have you SEEN our new cheddar apple pie from Little Pie Company?! It should be illegal to make something that good in January.) But while we might have added some decadence ... Read More »