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National Cheese Lover’s Day!

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The “Cheese Mecca” of New York City is Shipping to You! The origins of cheese began several millennia ago: ancient lore claims that it was the serendipitous product of a traveling Arabian trader who kept his milk in a sheep’s stomach. True or not, there’s no denying that cheese has since been a beloved global agricultural product, with the United ... Read More »

The Art of Corporate Gift Giving: Gourmet Gifts and More

Art of corporate gift giving

Choosing the perfect gift for anyone is hard, but corporate gift giving takes the practice of present picking to a whole new level. Let’s take a closer look at the science and art of corporate gift giving in the contemporary business world. What is Corporate Gift Giving? While most people identify corporate gift giving with major clients, the fact is ... Read More »

Five Ways To Promote Employee Happiness During the Holidays

Corporate gifts

Happy employees are engaged employees, and engaged employees are employees who stick around. With retention as an overriding priority for most businesses today, employee happiness is an imperative. Factor in research which increasingly shows us that today’s employees aren’t just looking for jobs, but for experiences, and employers have even greater reason to put employee happiness first. Consider these five ... Read More »

4 Reasons Why Corporate Gifts Should Be Part of Your Business Strategies

Corporate gifts

In today’s bottom line-conscious business world, many organizations are looking for places to trim and save. Wondering whether your corporate giving strategies should make the cut? Read on for four reasons why corporate gifts should earn a line in this year’s budget. 1. Retain Employees Employee turnover is costly, time-consuming, and bad for morale. One way to give employee spirits ... Read More »

Are You Ready for Hostess Gift Season?

Gift season

A whopping 31 percent of people plan to attend multiple gatherings during the holiday season, according to Ask Your Target Market (AYTM). An additional 20 percent attend at least one party, while less than a quarter never attend holiday parties at all. Aside from leaving us wondering who are these bah-humbug types, these figures reveal something else: come November and ... Read More »

Seven Perfect Summer Hostess Gifts: Gourmet Gifts and Beyond

Gourmet gifts

Headed to a backyard barbecue or neighborhood pool party? While showing up empty handed isn’t an option, deciding what to bring can be a challenge of it’s own. How do you pick something you know your hosts will love? Let’s count down seven clever, creative ways to earn yourself a permanent spot on the “A” list. 1. Kidding Around Anyone ... Read More »

Get Your Brownie Points Here!


When was the last time you scored some brownie points? Whatever you answer, we promise they were not as good as these–the gorgeous, gift-worthy, super-fudgy brownies from our latest partner, the Ohio bakery ironically named Brownie Points. The gourmet brownies and chocolate confections from this destination bakery are more than great recipes and packaging. Made by a small team of ... Read More »

Dinner and a Movie, Plus a Chance to Win!

deli man

  In honor of Deli Man, starring  Ziggy Gruber of Kenny and Ziggy’s Jewish Delicatessen, coming out on DVD, we’re debuting a new package to get a multi-sensory movie and dining experience. Introducing the Deli Man Delight, featuring the DVD and a pastrami sandwich kit. Learn about the history of Jewish delis in America while getting a taste of the best pastrami sandwich. ... Read More »

Corporate Gifts? Consider These Tastes of Distinction

Corporate gifts

Corporate gift giving isn’t just a courtesy when expertly done; rather, it can be an effective tool for developing and enhancing your business relationships. Here’s a breakdown on the corporate gift giving tradition, along with how to choose a corporate gift that won’t end up shoved in a drawer or tossed in the recycle pile. The Rising Popularity of Corporate ... Read More »