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Three Tips for Throwing the Perfect Company Picnic

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Employers are always seeking out new ways to boost the morale of their employees. Perhaps they should consider looking to the past instead of to the future? Specifically, we’re talking about the time-tested tradition of the company picnic. Let’s take a closer look at why company picnics are a worthwhile initiative, along with tips for pulling off the perfect event ... Read More »

Getting to the Bottom of What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day

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When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, it’s not just the thought that counts. Because, as it turns out, most fathers don’t actually want another necktie or piece of handmade noodle artwork. (Our apologies if we just rained on your present-planning parade.) So, what will fathers be looking for this June 19? To answer that question, we’re taking it all ... Read More »

What Do Millennials Want Most From Their Employers?

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Millennials are a mystery to many, but they’re well worth getting to know — particularly when you factor in that they now account for the largest segment of the American workforce. But Millennials aren’t remarkable for their sheer numbers alone. They’re also remarkable for their distinctive mindset. The takeaway for employers looking to keep their Millennials employees satisfied? Understanding their ... Read More »

The Breakfast Boom: Get In On the Action With Mail Order Foods

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The old adage insists that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but does it hold up in the hectic here and now? According to global marketing research firm Nielsen, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” But just because breakfast is still important doesn’t mean it’s remained unchanged over the years. In fact, a number of new breakfast ... Read More »

Are you Adequately Acknowledging Your Employees?

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Over the past year Millennials officially became the country’s largest generation in the workforce, according to a report from the Pew Research Center. The impact of this demographic shift means many things for today’s employers. One of the most noteworthy? Employee retention strategies are more critical than ever before. What better time to highlight this topic than March 4th’s Employee ... Read More »

Four Questions to Ask When Choosing Corporate Gifts

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Corporate gifts are a strategic maneuver aimed at building loyalty and supporting satisfaction of both clients and employees. But implementing a corporate gift program is more than a simple matter. Why? Because what you give is just as important as the fact that you’re giving it. Let’s count down a few key questions to consider when choosing corporate gifts. 1. ... Read More »

Corporate Giving: What’s Trending Now

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The business world is constantly changing, and with it trends for corporate giving. Wondering how best to show your appreciation for everyone from employees to clients in the year ahead? We’ve got a roundup of all things corporate giving in 2016 and beyond, so let’s count down four of the hottest trends happening right now in the corporate giving world. ... Read More »

Order the Pie that Won Obama’s Heart!


“I can confirm that Red Truck Bakery makes some darn good pie” – President Obama, March 14, 2016 Follow the President’s lead and slice into the same velvety pie that made it all the way to the White House and into the Obamas’ hearts on National Pi Day! Loaded with roasted Virginia sweet potatoes, pecans and rich pecan pie filing, ... Read More »

Pi Day Super Sale!


It’s always a good time for pie, but March 14th – aka Pi Day – is the perfect time to get AWESOME DEALS on some of America’s favorites. Get slicin’, servin’, and  sendin’! Blue Owl Bakery Deal: $10 OFF Levee High Caramel Pecan Apple Pie from 3/12 – 3/18 Butter & Scotch Deal: $5 OFF ALL Pies from 3/8 – 3/14 Little ... Read More »