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Friday Food Fetish

Deep Dish or Thin Crust: What’s Your Pizza Preference?


Forget about apple pie. The real American pie that we have all come to love is that oh-so-familiar savory disk loaded with tomato sauce, cheese, and a whole lot of history—aka the glorious pizza. Pizza has roots in Italy, but has been bred and reborn as an American classic that no one ever tires  of. No amount of pizza-laden college ... Read More »

Friday Food Fetish: Michigan ABC Crumb Pie


On this glorious Friday we are all about pie. But not just any pie. We’re downright obsessed with the tins of hearty baked goodness from Grand Traverse Pie Company. This ABC crumb pie is case in palate-seducing point. Loaded with apples, berries, and cherries, it explodes with superior fruit flavor with every tangy, buttery, crunch-kissed bite. Try one at your next ... Read More »

Friday Food Fetish: Toffee Heaven Cookies


Toffee Heaven cookies. The name says it all. Except this: Jenny’s Homemade Cookies, which hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, makes seriously decadent desserts, which in this case includes six butterscotch toffee cookies and six cinnamon toffee pecan cookies. Talk about a way to kick off the weekend! More tasty tidbits: Try Jenny’s classic chocolate chip cookies Indulge in cookies loaded with ... Read More »

Friday Food Fetish: Anderson’s Ice Cream Sandwiches


It may be chilly in some parts of the country, but here at our Northern California headquarters it’s downright sweltering, giving us the perfect excuse to lust over these homemade vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookie sandwiches from Buffalo, New York’s Anderson’s Frozen Custard. Homemade and hand-stirred in small batches, their ice cream won a blue ribbon at the ... Read More »

Friday Food Fetish: Turner’s Baked Stuffed Shrimp!


As we roll into the weekend, we’re thinking of delicious dining opportunities. And the baked stuffed shrimp from Turner’s Seafood in Melrose, Massachusetts, is one of them. Premium wild jumbo shrimp coated with Turner’s legendary seafood vegetable stuffing and a drizzle of fresh lobster basil cream sauce, they’re the ultimate appetizer or entree. The best part? All you need to do ... Read More »

Friday Food Fetish: Anderson’s Handmade Ice Cream


Not 48 hours past the first day of spring the thermometer is already rising here at FoodyDirect’s California HQ. And with the spring thaw comes today’s sunny-day craving for homemade ice cream from Anderson’s Frozen Custard! While the Buffalo, New York, institution may be widely known for its frozen custard and beef on weck sandwiches, it’s equally revered for its ... Read More »

Friday Food Fetish: Droga Chocolate’s Put Your Money on Honey Caramels

On the day after the year’s most chocolatey celebration, we find ourselves lusting over these amazing caramels. From Droga Chocolates, an L.A.-based boutique confectioner specializing in elegant interpretations of traditional candies that’s been heralded in Cooking Light magazine, SF Weekly, and Serious Eats. Made with wildflower honey rather than corn syrup, blanketed in ultra-premium chocolate, and sprinkled with sea salt , they epitomize ... Read More »

Friday Food Fetish: Hancock Gourmet Co.’s Lobster Stew

On this chilly winter Friday we’re gearing up for New Year’s celebrations by settling down–with a bowl of  Cundy’s Harbor Lobster Stew. Made with love and sent to us straight from Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company, which is strategically located in Maine’s oldest lobstering village, it’s loaded with Maine lobster meat (more than a whole lobster in every quart!) and silky smooth thanks ... Read More »

Friday Food Fetish: Sable’s “Loaded Brunch”

What’s the best way to nurture yesterday’s food coma and gear up for Black Friday power shopping? For us here at FoodyDirect HQ it’s a quick breakfast of strong coffee and Sable’s “loaded brunch.” The ultimate buffet features smoked salmon, smoked sable, smoked sturgeon, whitefish salad, tuna salad, cream cheese, bagels, cinnamon rugelach, mini black and white cookies, and chocolate babka. ... Read More »