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Last Chance to Order America’s Best Wings for Your Super Bowl Party!


Just how popular are Duff’s Famous Wings for Super Bowl? Consider this: The Buffalo, New York, home to America’s best wings will go through 65,000 pounds of their legendary drums and flats this this week alone! That translates to half a million of the perfect finger-licking, partners to Super Bowls and suds. More impressive is there’s still time to order a heaping helping for your Big ... Read More »

Expert Interview with Maria Pasquale on Authentic Eating in Rome

Authentic eating in Rome

For foodies who want to hit the road on a gastronomical tour, Italy should top your must-eat itinerary. And there’s no better city to start your feasting than Rome, says Maria Pasquale, who manages marketing and social media for Eating Europe Food Tours. Rome is steeped in history and culture, and the same goes with Roman food. “Roman cuisine is ... Read More »

Pre-Game Special on America’s #1 Wings!


Forget the old adage. In this case, the early bird gets the …wings! As in only the very top rated wings in America for up to $20 off! For the past 45 years, Duff’s Famous Wings—ranked #1 by The Daily Meal–has been offering the kind of fiery drums and flats we all dream about—perfectly crisp and coated with tangy, mouth-flaming sauce on ... Read More »

The Trick To Making Homemade Mozzarella Sticks

Forget the sticks... I'm ordering in.

I had high hopes when I found some extra mozzarella lying around the refrigerator. However, what I wanted and what I got didn’t quite align properly. On the other hand, I learned a lot in this process of munchie-production which, unfortunately makes it doubtful that I’ll be making them again any time soon. The trick was something I suspected that I’ll ... Read More »

The Right Food Can Turn Any Gathering Into a Party

Food for gathering

Eating has been a communal activity since cavemen first gathered around the newly discovered fire. And while this practice may have originated out of the “there’s safety in numbers” necessity, it has grown into an important social convention. Stop and think about it: can you even conceive of a party with no food? Or even worse — with bad food? ... Read More »

Just Say Cheese!


Cheese is having a moment. And why wouldn’t it? The raison d’être of many a foodie, cheese can be mild and sweet, robust and tangy or a variety of other mouthwatering combinations. Some might even call it the perfect food. Not Your Mother’s Cheese Step away from the Velveeta. Back away from the Baby Bellas. Mail-order food company offerings are anything but ... Read More »

Crowd-Pleasing Cocktail Party Food


There are plenty of reasons to celebrate in the coming months. Enjoy the revelry without all the work with these gourmet, mail-order appetizers, sure to wow the masses. Bite-Sized Latkes Save the mashing, shredding, and frying to the pros–Linda’s legendary latkes in sweet potato, original, and green onion pancakes only require a few minutes in the oven. This familiar Jewish ... Read More »