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Enter To Win America’s #1 Buffalo Wings!


Host the Perfect Tailgating Party! We are offering you the chance to win America’s #1 Buffalo Wings from Duff’s Famous Wings, Buffalo, NY! These aren’t just any wings! We’re talking the kind of fiery drums and flats we all dream about—perfectly crisp and coated with tangy, mouth-flaming sauce on the outside and impossibly moist, juicy, and, fall-off-the-bone-tender on the inside.  Winner, Food ... Read More »

Thanksgiving Made Easy and Delicious


If you’re the type to spend all Thanksgiving Day (and several days prior) in the kitchen, well then, you’re something to be thankful for. But this year, consider giving yourself (or your host) a break and an opportunity to actually watch football or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with these fabulous gourmet mail-order items, perfect for celebrating the season. Trust ... Read More »

Your Cheat-Sheet for the Perfect Stove-Top Steak


The Perfect Stovetop Steak You don’t need a grill to make a great steak. What you do need is to know how to properly time your cooking when making a steak on the stovetop. Use outstanding quality beef, like Flannery Beef, and the guidelines below and your steak should need no embellishment. Just add a delicious side or two (like ... Read More »

Fork-Free Gourmet Game Day Food Delivered!


You know what’s more fun than hosting a football or baseball playoffs viewing party? Hosting while serving some of the nation’s most iconic, finger-licking foods that you didn’t have to slave over or even provide provide silverware for! Better still, we have ’em here. All you have to do is order any of the following fantastic finger foods and specify ... Read More »

Delicious, No-Work Ways to Break Yom Kippur Fast

jewish foods

Even if you plan on breaking Yom Kippur fast with a big party, stay out of the kitchen during the day of atonement with these five delicious Jewish appetizing feasts and break-fast goodies. Order this week and celebrate the end of fast with the country’s best Jewish treats–No work necessary! Sable’s Smoked Fish and Bagel Brunch Located in NYC’s upper ... Read More »

Party-Ready Recipe: Blue Cheese Sliders and Carmelized Onions

flattery beef sliders

With tailgating season upon us and cocktail parties on the horizon, you can never have too many party-ready recipes at your disposal. Here’s our favorite sliders recipe: Blue Cheese Sliders with Caramelized Onions With its surprise blue-cheese center and a kiss of sweetness from caramelized onions, you can’t go wrong! And there’s hardly an easier way to feed a crowd! ... Read More »

Foody Spotlight: Inside Grand Traverse Pie Company

grand traverse pie company

Grand Traverse Pie Company’s pies are more than dessert. They’re an experience. Made from premium ingredients primarily sourced from trusted local farmers and vendors, each pie is handmade and cooked slowly. Here’s a look into how one family turned their love of pie into a gourmet national treasure: In 1996 owners Denise and Mike Buxley left their corporate careers to ... Read More »

Introducing Brooklyn’s Famed Mile End Deli


You’ve read the articles and blogs, seen the cookbook, and heard about the James Beard nomination underscoring just how amazing the Montreal-style smoked meats of Brooklyn’s Mile End Deli are. Now you can taste for yourself in the comfort of your own home–because we’ve  partnered with them! Mile End’s authentic tribute to Montreal smoked meat is at  the top of ... Read More »

Savory Tastes of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur


Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are quickly approaching. Is your menu set yet? If not, there’s no reason to panic: FoodyDirect has you covered. Offering gourmet mail order foods from the country’s best Jewish delis, your holiday bounty will be better than ever before. And it’s so simple — you just might be able to relax and enjoy the meal ... Read More »

5 Foods to Celebrate Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah dinner

Rosh Hashanah starts Wednesday, September 24 and we’ve got just the Jewish delicacies to help you celebrate the new year! And the best part? These feasts and treats require virtually no prep-work so you can focus on spending time with your family instead of the kitchen. Sable’s Rosh Hashanah Dinner Sable’s sensational holiday dinner for 4 features traditional Jewish specialties ... Read More »