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Friday Food Fetish: We Take The Cake’s Key Lime Bundt Cake

As we gear up for Halloween, there’s no better food to obsess over than We Take The Cake’s wickedly delicious Key Lime Bundt cake. This image pretty much says it all—the dessert from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is impossibly moist, topped with an ultra-rich frosting, and downright gorgeous. But what’s not conveyed is the spectacularly vibrant, tangy key lime flavor, which ... Read More »

Your Ticket to the Most Popular Employee of the Year Award

Just how good are the coffeecakes from My Grandma’s of New England? Put it this way: They are so shockingly moist, flavorful, and outstanding that Bostonians used to tolerate verbal lashings and strict order and pickup guidelines from the cantankerous original owner just to get their hands on one. Current owner Bob Katz should know. He was a young cleaning ... Read More »

Who Are You Calling a Fat Witch?

Quick. Think of a catchy name for a bakery. We’re betting “Fat Witch” isn’t the first term that comes to mind. Interestingly, the phrase has become synonymous with the most spectacular brownies in New York City, which—full disclosure—happen to be available through our site. So how did the bakery get a moniker that includes a word no branding expert in ... Read More »