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Friday Food Fetish: Anderson’s Ice Cream Sandwiches


It may be chilly in some parts of the country, but here at our Northern California headquarters it’s downright sweltering, giving us the perfect excuse to lust over these homemade vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookie sandwiches from Buffalo, New York’s Anderson’s Frozen Custard. Homemade and hand-stirred in small batches, their ice cream won a blue ribbon at the ... Read More »

Introducing Jenny’s Homemade Cookies: the Source of the Chocolate Chip Cookie that Trumps all Others

Jenny's copy

If our recent new partners Skyline Chili and Montgomery Inn aren’t enough evidence that we’ve been tasting our way through Cincinnati, Ohio, here’s the icing on the proverbial cake: our latest partner, Jenny’s Homemade Cookies. Plainly put, Jenny’s chocolate chip cookies redefine just how good a chocolate chip cookie can be. That’s no easy feat, but neither was Jenny’s years-long ... Read More »

Baking Secrets from New York’s Top Cheesecake Expert


How do you make the ultimate moist and creamy New York cheesecake with nary a crack in its silky surface? Join Bobby Flay as he learns the secrets to cheesecake baking from Manhattan’s premier expert, Eileen Avezzano of Eileen’s Special Cheesecake. The best part: you don’t have to bake for yourself to enjoy the perfect cheesecake. Just order your favorite flavor here! ... Read More »

Friday Food Fetish: Anderson’s Handmade Ice Cream


Not 48 hours past the first day of spring the thermometer is already rising here at FoodyDirect’s California HQ. And with the spring thaw comes today’s sunny-day craving for homemade ice cream from Anderson’s Frozen Custard! While the Buffalo, New York, institution may be widely known for its frozen custard and beef on weck sandwiches, it’s equally revered for its ... Read More »

Friday Food Fetish: Oversized Cupcakes


If you agree that the problem with most cupcakes is that one is never enough, allow us to introduce you to the outstanding oversized cupcakes from Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s We Take The Cake. The star of Food Network’s “Unwrapped,” which bakes up famous desserts for everyone from Donald Trump to Oprah (who is crazy for the key lime bundt cake), ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

With 10 days left before Valentine’s Day, there’s no time to waste in planning how to woo the one you love on February 14. If your sweetie is a chocolate lover, you’re in luck because we’ve got some of the most decadent, gourmet, unexpected, and totally awesome cocoa creations to choose from. Behold the most chocoriffic ways to show you ... Read More »

Introducing Droga Chocolates and Their Amazing Gourmet Interpretations of Traditional Candies

With all the new partners we’ve introduced lately, it’s clear this year’s off to a busy start. But we’ve no plans of slowing down. There are just too many delicious foods out there to share with you! With that in mind, allow us to introduce our latest new partner: Droga Chocolates. Based in Los Angeles and featuring totally addictive, beautifully ... Read More »

Introducing Tu-Lu’s: NYC’s Spectacular Gluten-Free Bakery

If you’ve got a gluten-free food lover in your life, we’ve got great news for you! We’re now featuring astoundingly delicious bakery specialties from Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery! Just how good are Tu-Lu’s creations? Put it this way: When Vogue editors were craving sweets during this year’s New York Fashion Week, they  scurried here, despite the fact that they weren’t anti ... Read More »