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The Best Ways to Say Thank You

When someone lends you a helping hand, it can be tricky to find a way to say thank you. There are plenty of reasons why you might need to thank someone, but no matter the situation, there’s nothing quite like an exquisite and mouth-watering dish to show your appreciation. If you’re searching for the right thank you gift to dazzle your friend, look no further than FoodyDirect’s spectacular selection of gourmet dishes for all scenarios.

Brownie Bucket

You Just Stayed the Weekend at a Friend’s Home

Staying over at a friend or family member’s home as an adult isn’t quite the same as a children’s sleepover. Show your appreciation for a loved one opening their door to you with something delicious for their bellies. Nothing says “I appreciate you” quite like a bucket of brownies. Stew Leonard’s Brownie Bucket contains two gallons of rich, moist brownies. No matter how much of an inconvenience your stay might be for your hosts, nothing makes up for it quite like a brownie bucket.


Your Friend Invited You to A Housewarming Party

You know what it’s like to move into a new home — things are hectic, you forget to buy normal things (like groceries), and therefore, your pantry ends up bare. Help your friend stock their pantry while saying thanks for inviting you into their new home! Show up to their housewarming party with Beth’s 4-Jar Pack of Preserves. These sweet concoctions are perfect for any meal and can dress up anything from meats, cheese plates, and sandwiches. Your friends will be thankful not to receive another bottle of wine and pleased to have something juicy and sweet to fill their pantry.


Someone Hosted to Your Child for More Than a Playdate

Sending your kids off to someone else’s house for an extended stay can feel like a sigh of relief. Having the house to yourself for a night or even just being able to go out with your spouse without kids in tow is practically a vacation. Show your appreciation for the mom friends in your life with something reminiscent of your time without the kids. Booze! FoodyDirect offers a slew of booze-infused treats and sweets to take the edge off having to hear screaming children for hours on end. We recommend Momenti Spirited Ice Cream’s Spirited Ice Cream & Sorbet. The sweet frozen treats contain up to 5% alcohol by volume, so they really pack a punch. These chilled, syrupy ice creams and sorbets are definitely for the grownups in your life!

You Were Invited to a Dinner Party

Getting an invite to your friend’s home for a dinner party is always a nice treat. Spending the evening chatting with friends, sipping on wine, and munching on tasty finger foods can make you feel sophisticated and classy. Impress your hosts with a gift that’s as sophisticated as their party. Patisserie Tomoko’s Mochi is a Japanese-American fusion of Japanese pounded sticky rice and a sweet ice cream filling. These dessert dumplings come stuffed with interesting fillings such as Green Tea and Earl Grey Chocolate Ganache. Every other guest will be jealous of your creativity when you show up with these in hand.


Showing your appreciation with food will never be a mistake. The fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and there’s nothing better for that than FoodyDirect’s selection of gourmet foods. Have it shipped right to your door or straight to your friend’s door today!