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Our Best Resolution Keepers

By now you may have noticed that your gym isn’t quite as crowded as it was last week and perhaps your own will power isn’t quite as strong. (We feel you–have you SEEN our new cheddar apple pie from Little Pie Company?! It should be illegal to make something that good in January.) But while we might have added some decadence to the site, we’ve also got plenty of dishes to help your stay on track and inspire healthy, balanced eating, (which definitely includes a slice of pie on occasion!) Here are our most delicious Resolution Keepers you can feel good about eating:

Greensbury Market
The ultimate source for outstanding organic meat and poultry—and known for their grass-fed beef—Greensbury Market features only small American farms that produce exceptional food, are proactive stewards of the environment, and uphold animal welfare to the highest degree. If you’re following a Paleo diet, this is your one-stop shop! Front load all your meals for the week with the Paleo Pack, featuring enough steaks, chicken breast, and halibut filets for 13 meals. If you resolved to eat more fish, the Seafood Sampler features the highest quality wild-caught halibut, scallops, and tuna shipped to you at the height of freshness and flavor.

Phil’s Lazyman Cioppino
You don’t have to forgo comfort food  This famous San Francisco stew is chocked full with Dungeness crab, scallops, prawns, calamari, mussels, fish, and clams in an exquisite tomato-based broth, making it both hearty and nourishing. It’s just pure, fresh goodness San Francisco fishermen have been eating since the city was formed.

Raffetto’s Whole Wheat Pasta 
kale and wheat pasta salad
The best way to take control of your diet is to cook for yourself, using the best, freshest ingredients. Raffetto’s line of fresh pasta provides the raw ingredients to do just that. Pair their handmade whole wheat pasta with raw kale, zucchini, lemon, and a little bit of olive oil and shaved parmesan for a filling Italian meal.

Gluten-Free Bread from Free Bread
If you resolved to cut out gluten in the New Year, you’re probably dreaming of bread and muffins. Make those dreams a reality with Free Bread’s exceptional GF sandwich breads, buns, and muffins. These are so good famed chef Eric Ripert serves them at NYC’s four-star restaurant Le Bernardin, Chef Michael White serves it in his establishments, and BareBurger serves it as their Gluten-Free bun.

Dairy-Free, GF, Vegan Dessert
Collage 2014
Even those cutting out common allergens, like dairy and gluten still deserve dessert! If you think divinity can’t be found in non-dairy, gluten-free, vegan ice cream, you haven’t tried Alchemy Creamery’s frozen desserts. Made by three lactose-intolerant foodies, they transform unexpected, health-minded ingredients into desserts that leave even dairy-lovers crave.