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Baseball Tailgating: The Perfect Bites (and more) for a Perfect Night

Tailgaters getting ready for the big baseball game

Now that baseball season is in full swing, it’s time to have your husband drag out the grill and pull your favorite ballpark eats out of the freezer. But before you pack up the truck for your next tailgating event, make sure you read through this checklist to ensure you don’t forget a single necessity.

Edible Essentials

It’s right there in the song: “Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack!” Baseball is intrinsically tied to American cuisine — especially meat that fits on the grill. For your next tailgating party, try some of these essentials:

  1. Charlie’s Legendary Hot Dogs & Onion Kits. Experience the best New York City has to offer in the comfort of your favorite stadium! These all-beef hot dogs are topped with a savory onion sauce that will have your mouth watering for more!Screenshot_20160521-182650
  1. Memphis BBQ Loin Back Ribs. These fall-off-the-bone-tender ribs come straight out of Memphis, TN, so you know you’re getting authentic BBQ! Central_Babybacks
  1. Levee High Caramel Pecan Apple Pie. It’s hard to find a more American combination than baseball and apple pie, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t include one of our favorites! The enormous Levee is packed high with 18 golden delicious apples that are hand-peeled and hand-placed into the pie. And it only gets better from there!caramel_levee (1)
  1. Cold drinks. Don’t forget a cooler stuffed with ice and filled with your family’s favorite sodas and adult beverages! Tailgating requires maximum hydration.

Want even more ideas? Look through our Baseball Bites for delicious meal options the whole family will love!

Entertainment Essentials

Once you and the kids are done licking your fingers clean from your favorite meal, you’ll need some fun and entertainment. A few ideas to keep the party going:

  1. Music. You likely already have wireless speakers and a phone to stream music through, so now you just need a soundtrack to your summer fun. To get started, try one of Spotify’s many American-made baseball soundtracks, or make your own of your favorite hits!
  1. Games. Cornhole, Giant Jenga, beer pong: There’s no end to the fun you can have while tailgating. Of course, simply bringing along a few gloves and baseballs to toss around can help you get excited for the big game as well!
  1. Sunscreen and sun protection. Tailgating is an outdoors event, so be prepared. Lather up the sunscreen regularly, wearing breathable clothing, don your favorite sunglasses, and consider bringing a beach umbrella to park your favorite chair under so you don’t get burned.

Let’s be honest: You can spend all your cash on music and games, but the best part of any tailgating party is the food. For a full list of delectable treats, go here! You’ll impress your family and tailgating neighbors and turn yourself into a baseball legend.