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Are You Ready for Hostess Gift Season?

A whopping 31 percent of people plan to attend multiple gatherings during the holiday season, according to Ask Your Target Market (AYTM). An additional 20 percent attend at least one party, while less than a quarter never attend holiday parties at all. Aside from leaving us wondering who are these bah-humbug types, these figures reveal something else: come November and December, more than 50 percent of people will find themselves frantically trying to find the perfect hostess gifts. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to get a jump on being a gracious guest this season.

Gift season

Redefining “taking the cake” when it comes to hostess gifts.

Good Guests Show Appreciation

There are some basic rules of being a good party guest: practice punctuality; mingle with others; keep your drinking in check; and — perhaps most importantly of all — acknowledge the effort your hostess has gone to on your behalf. Of course, this means thanking her in person, but it also means showing your gratitude with a token of your appreciation.

While selecting a hostess gift can seem overwhelming, the task becomes easier when you keep the recipient at the forefront. Before setting out on a shopping excursion, take a moment to consider the things your hostess likes and dislikes. Is her taste classic and minimalist? Or does she follow the latest trends and love pushing the boundaries? From a gift certificate to her salon or spa of choice to a set of luxurious designer candles in her favorite scent, there are endless options to choose from — as long as you let your hostess’s personality and preferences be your guide.

One last thing to keep in mind? Refrain from choosing an item that creates additional work for the hostess during the party. For example, if you choose to bring a floral bouquet, it should be given to the hostess in a vase. This way, she doesn’t have to fuss with finding an appropriate vessel in the middle of the celebration.

Food, Glorious Food

One go-to hostess gift that’s always perfect? Gourmet gifts. According to AYTM, food takes center stage at the vast majority of holiday gatherings making it a virtually foolproof option. If you bring food with you to the party, make sure to tell the hostess that your offering doesn’t have to be opened or served immediately. After all, she may already have a carefully planned menu. (For more casual events, it’s appropriate to offer to bring something specific in advance to take it off the hostess’s plate. Can you ever go wrong with cupcakes, or a homemade pastry tray?)

Gift season

Ease post-party depression with a seriously sweet delivery.

Another great food-related hostess gift? Rather than bringing it along with you to the party, send a delicious delivery for next-day enjoyment. After all, no one likes to have to cook and serve a meal while still in a post-party haze. The Mah-Ze-Dahr Hostess Gift Variety Pack offers the ideal ingredients for a lazy Sunday morning — including a custom coffee blend! — while Bobby’s Breakfast in a Box delivers a protein-packed pick-me-up for hostesses moving just a big slower the morning after a big bash.

With party season quickly approaching, don’t find yourself picking in an uninformed pinch this year. Instead, follow your hostess lead in order to pick something that’s more than a generic “thanks,” but a true and meaningful expression of gratitude, respect and appreciation.