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A Culinary Tour of Crabs: The Country’s Best Offerings

The old adage cautions that there are three things one should never talk about in polite company: politics, money and religion. We’ve got another subject about which people are equally passionate, but which can actually make for delicious dinner conversation: crabs. With approximately 4,500 species of crabs currently populating the planet, you may prefer one over the other depending on where you live and your personal palate. Then again, you may love them all equally. But is it even possible to make an educated decision when you haven’t yet sampled all of the options? Let’s take a virtual culinary tour to track down some of the country’s most famous crab favorites.


Fresh, succulent lump crabmeat and Old Bay spices = Maryland’s famous formula.

From Maryland’s Coastal Waters….

One state often rises above the rest when the conversation turns to crabs: Maryland. This middle Atlantic state’s blue crabs are a regional delicacy, with hordes of die-hard fans dedicated to their supremacy over all other crustaceans.

Scientists have determined that the Native Americans feasted on crabs straight from their home in the Chesapeake Bay, and while we don’t know much about their preparation methods, we do know that they likely shared their love of shellfish with the colonial settlers when they arrived. (Little known fact: the Chesapeake Bay actually derives its name from the Algonquin word for “great shellfish bay.”)

Whether steamed, served up in a bisque, or as the premier ingredient in a famous jumbo lump Maryland crab cake, what makes blue crabs so delicious? They’re meaty and melt-in-your-mouth succulent. Throw in unique, Maryland-style Old Bay seasoning, and blue crabs are an irresistible treat for natives and newcomers alike.


The king of the sea?

To Alaska’s Icy Harbors …

Anyone who’s seen Deadliest Catch knows that the waters off of the Alaskan coast are rich with Alaskan red king crab. However, a very short season combined with sweet, tender, snow-white crab meat has earned these beauties a reputation as the world’s most prized species of crab.

Served up steaming hot and straight from the shell, Alaskan red king crab legs are the perfect stand-alone meal or an indulgent addition to any feast or special occasion.

To the Docks of Sunny Santa Barbara …

Next we travel down the coast to Santa Barbara. Celebrated for its gorgeous stretches of pristine beach, premier surf spots, exceptional climate earning its “the American Riviera” moniker, and exquisite wineries, the area is also known for a culinary crustacean delight: the salty-sweet red stone crab.

And while California’s crab offerings may not have reached the superstar status of its Maryland and Alaska brethren, in-the-know Californians and visitors alike attest to the exceptional flavor and magnificent meatiness of fresh-caught Santa Barbara stone crabs.


Crack open and dig in.

While with time and an endless budget you could cruise the coast sampling the sea’s many mouthwatering offerings, the real world may get in the way of those plans. Gourmet food delivery, however, makes this plan as simple as a few clicks. While you’re at it, why not settle yet another classic debate: crab or lobster? With FoodyDirect, you can have a variety of crabs and Maine lobster shipped for the ultimate shellfish smackdown.