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6 Great Gourmet Food Gifts for Administrative Professionals’ Day

Anyone who’s ever worked with a bad administrative professional knows that a good one is priceless. So with only one day out of a year designated to honor the secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals who make immeasurable contributions to offices everywhere every day, shouldn’t you make it count?

Which begs the question: Do you have a plan yet for how to make sure the administrative professionals in your life know just how valued they are this April 26th?  If not, read on for our roundup of six phenomenal gourmet food gifts guaranteed to show your gratitude and appreciation.

Gourmet gifts

Scones with some serious street cred: Oprah loves them.

1. A “Thank You Cup of Cake”

Your administrative assistant knows just how you take your coffee. Why not put a tasty twist on the theme with this adorable treat from Oneida, New York’s “My Cup of Cake,” which has been featured everywhere from The View to Good Morning America?

This isn’t just any old cake, though. We’re talking about an all-natural, all delicious Belgian chocolate soufflé cake and a chic Belgian-style coffee mug to go along with it.

One more reason to make it a mug during this annual observance? Administrative professionals with dietary restrictions don’t have to go without thanks to an equally delicious gluten-free option.

2. Oprah’s Favorite Cream Scones

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: If it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for us.

Gothamist also got in on the Mah-Ze-Dahr love, declaring that the popular West Village establishment  “instantly” claimed a spot among New York City’s best bakeries.

And then there’s what Tom Colicchio had to say of the talents of Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery Umber Ahmad: “I just couldn’t believe how good her stuff was. She lets the product speak for itself,” he told Food and Wine Magazine.

Given so much foodie fanfare surrounding Mah-Ze-Dahr and its blissful baked goods, you can’t go wrong with a gift of these light and flaky scones in your choice of cherry or chocolate chip. A sugar-dusted crust is the consummate finishing touch.

An added bonus? These scones come individually packaged so the recipient has the choice of savoring over time or splurging in the moment.

3. World of Thanks Gift Set

Why say thank you in one language when you can say it in many different languages instead?  From NYC’s beloved hand-decorated cookie shop, these nut-free, kosher confections belong in a class of their own — so much so, in fact, that The New York Times once enthused, “To call the baked goods for sale at Eleni’s “cookies” would be an understatement; it’s probably more accurate to refer to them as “baked art collections.”

Gourmet gifts

There are cookies, and then there are Eleni’s cookies.

Not only will the recipient enjoy 14 exquisite iced indulgences, the box makes for a charming keepsake. We challenge you to find a cuter cookie.

4. Best of Jars by Dani 3-Pack

Desserts-in-a-jar are all the rage, but these are far from the average offering. In fact, Jars by Dani are so in vogue that they’ve recently made appearances at numerous A-List events. Not only are these edible works of art a vibrant feast for the eyes, but they’re a joy to eat thanks to three luscious flavors: cookie dough, fudge brownie and white chocolate.

Gourmet gifts

Joy in a jar.

5. Two Collection Macaron Pack

You may not be able to send your administrative assistant off on the Paris getaway she’s been dreaming of, but you can deliver the next best thing with these gorgeous macarons in flavors including blackcurrant, hazelnut, espresso, lychee/rose, Earl Grey tea, and citron.

Gayot has said of this Chicago bakery, “These days, it may be hard to find a traditional, fresh-baked croissant and classic French macarons outside Paris. Except at master baker Pierre Zimmermann’s La Fournette.”

6. Breakfast in New England Coffee Cake Gift Pack

Whether you’re shopping for one or for a team of administrative professionals, this scrumptious sampling of New England specialties is guaranteed to make a bold impression. A cinnamon walnut coffee cake, Vermont maple syrup, and Vermont jam all add up to a delicious office breakfast or midday snack. And did we happen to mention that they also throw in a bag of New England Coffee, too?

But these are just the start when it comes to FoodyDirect’s extensive yet carefully cultivated inventory of foods perfect for feting your favorite administrative professional. Shop gifts and much more at FoodyDirect today.