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5 Ways to Enjoy the Best County Fair Foods at Home

Carnival rides. Games. Biggest pumpkin contests. Demolition derbies. Petting zoos. Concerts. Agricultural exhibits. The list of things to see and do at county and state fairs goes on and on. But there’s a hands-down winner when it comes to most people’s most eagerly anticipated aspect of the fair. Yup, we’re talking about the food. From salty and sticky to sweet and sour and everything in between, there’s no end to the flavors you’ll find at the fair.

But why wait until fair season comes around again to get your nosh on? With a little help from FoodyDirect, you can have a fair feast delivered direct to your door. Read on for a roundup of pics which will transport you to the fair — without stepping foot outside the comfort of your home.

1. Spicy Cajun Fried Turkey

Why settle for one of those giant turkey legs when you can have the whole bird? A signature specialty of cult favorite Cajun Turkey Company, you won’t find a juicier, more tender turkey around.

Fair foods

A fair-inspired turkey to share!

2. Best of Jake’s Handcrafted Sausage Variety Pack

While sausage and peppers at the fair is a treat, this artisan sausage extravaganza from Jake’s Handcrafted is an edible experience. Enjoy an assortment of the company’s fun, innovative, and best-selling sausages, including classic brats, “Tokyo chicken,” and Cuban-inspired. And don’t forget the condiments to go along with them: banana mustard and knock-your-socks-off “No-Nonsense” Peanut Sauce, made with house-made sambal, caramelized onions and roasted peanuts.

Travel and Leisure called Jake’s Handcrafted’s Brooklyn gastropub one of “America’s 10 Best Places to Eat a Hot Dog.” When you order from FoodyDirect, your living room automatically garners a spot on that list.

3. 17th Street BBQ Famous Pulled Pork Pack  

When was the last time you had 20 hours to devote to slaving over the barbecue to create sublimely succulent pulled pork? Probably never. But you’re not legendary pit master Mike Mills, who does exactly this with his mind-blowing pulled pork. If your mouth starts watering at the mere mention of the barbecue you tuck into every year at your local fair, prepare to meet the best pulled pork you’ve ever had. In the immortal words of Charlotte herself, it’s “Some Pig!”

4. Leland Apple Crumb Pie with Caramel & Pecans

While caramel apples might have satisfied your sweet tooth in childhood, they’re equally likely to break your tooth in adulthood. Enter Grand Traverse Pie Company’s magnificent apple crumb pie generously topped with pecans and drizzled with soft caramel. In other words, all of the flavors you crave from caramel apples in a tidy (and shareable) pie.

Fair foods

This one would take home the blue ribbon!

5. Philly Cheesesteaks 10-Pack

While Philadelphia Cheesesteaks may have their roots in Rocky’s old stomping grounds, they’re now an iconic staple at many county fairs. These authentic sandwiches courtesy of Campo’s Deli are made with thinly sliced ribeye steak, slathered in grilled onions and sweet bell peppers, and available with your choice of “Wiz” or provolone. Stick with all cheesesteaks, or split your order between cheesesteaks and another City of Brotherly Love specialty, the Italian Hoagie.

Just because fair season comes along just once every year doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in all of you favorite fair food favorites. Browse our mouth-watering barbecue, delicious bakery and dessert items, and other fair-inspired foods today.