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Why We Founded FoodyDirect

Founding team, from left to right: Phil Winters (head of operations), Brad Koenig (CEO), Ken Koenig (president)

I grew up, in the sixties and seventies, in a food-loving family on New York’s Long Island. Our family dinners at home, restaurant jaunts, and annual feasts like Thanksgiving were celebrations of both togetherness and of joyful indulgence. For me, enjoyment of great food has always been a passion. In my frequent travels as a technology investment banker at Goldman Sachs from 1984 to 2005, I spent as much time researching the best restaurants in cities I was visiting as I did preparing for client presentations.

Fast forward to 2012. I have been living in Silicon Valley for over 25 years, and even though the Bay Area, stretching from Monterrey Bay north to San Francisco and up to Napa Valley, is home to some of the greatest restaurants in the country, I still find myself craving some of those distinctly incredible food experiences from my youth and travels.

This is why my brother and food-loving soul mate and I founded FoodyDirect. In my quest to find and order unique and awesome gourmet and regional foods, my Google searches invariably resulted in boundless and useless pages and listings, which were not filtered or curated in any way. If I wanted to order and have shipped to me the very best lox and bagels, New York deli, Maine lobster, Maryland crab, or Texas barbecue, I had to spend hours researching and comparing the multitude of alternatives. And very often, I never found the best places.

We launched FoodyDirect to satisfy these cravings. It is a marketplace where passionate food lovers can go and order and have shipped to them awesome food from the very best restaurants, bakeries, and artisan producers in the country.

Our team has spent months finding and assembling a group of partners that feature the most incredible food available on the web (and we’re forever searching for more). We have scoured food blogs, restaurant critic reviews, and user ratings. We have sifted through the pages of Zagat, Gourmet Magazine, Urban Spoon, Yelp, and the like. We have targeted only those places that have been recognized and acclaimed by Bobby Flay or Texas Monthly or Oprah. We have travelled across the country visiting these iconic places and meeting with their very successful and colorful owners. We have tasted their food in the restaurants and bakeries themselves and test ordered from their websites.

As a result, we are proud to have created an online “Restaurant Row” comprised of the country’s very best places across different cuisines, categories, and geographical regions.

Please browse our site, learn about these great establishments, and indulge in their awesome food!

Thanks and Happy Eating,

Brad Koenig
Co-founder & CEO

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