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4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Alaskan King Crab Experience


Famed for its delicate, slightly sweet flavor and spectacular meatiness, Alaskan King crab is the ultimate indulgence for special occasions, everyday eating, and gifting to food lovers, and it can be savored a number of ways. Whether you like to keep it simple and get cracking and eating or make the magnificent crustacean a component in a bigger dish, behold our favorite ways to make the most of Alaska’s most luxurious export. (And if you want the best source for the freshest Alaskan King crab delivered to your door, we’ve got it here!)

1. Enjoy It with Drawn Butter and Bubbly
Whether cava, prosecco, Champagne, or other, the vibrancy and acidity of sparkling wine perfectly contrast rich goodness that is crab with melted, clarified butter. It’s also a spectacularly elegant, and effortless, indulgence.

2. Use Your King Crab to Make Crab Cakes
Lots of crab cakes have too many fillings. But if you make your own, you can keep the extras to a minimum and let the delicious flavor of top-quality Alaskan King crab shine. Add your favorite fillings (

3. Make a Glamorous Parfait
Want the perfect no-cook appetizer for any fancy occasion? Here it is: In a fluted glass, layer diced avocado tossed with lemon juice, a dollop of Thousand Island dressing (or catsup mixed with mayonnaise), a mound of Alaskan King crab meat, a tuft of shredded iceberg lettuce. Add a lemon wedge to the rim of the glass and serve with a cocktail fork.

4. Make a Crab Melt
There are few things tastier than a crab melt. To make one, mix lump crab meat with a little lemon juice, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, and some minced chives. Toast and butter 2 pieces of bread, add a layer of crab mix onto one of the pieces of bread, top with the other, sprinkle generously with Parmesan cheese, and heat under the broiler just until the cheese is melted and golden.