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4 Tips to Hosting a Unique Holiday Party

Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake

You’re bound to be a guest at a slew of holiday parties over the next month. Our guess is that it will just be a montage of the same thing over and over until you can walk into your next shindig and give a play-by-play of every single thing that will happen. You don’t want to host a predictable holiday party, do you? With a few tips and some help from FoodyDirect, you can throw a party that no one will be able to forget.

1. Libations

Yes, drinks are necessary! Whether it’s a family gathering or an office party, you need some juice to get everyone feeling cheery. We recommend a hot chocolate bar. Grab all the fixings for hot chocolates: marshmallows, candy canes, cinnamon sticks, and then add in your spirit of choice. It’s a great way to get people in the holiday “spirit” while still catering to any kids that might be in attendance.

2. Dinner

There are certain foods that go hand-in-hand with holidays: turkey with Thanksgiving, ham with Easter, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to that! Step outside the box and serve something unique that your guests won’t be expecting. Serve a Christmas crab! And not just any old crab from the grocery store, try 10 lbs of Super Colossal Alaskan King Crab Legs directly from our 49th state.

3. Desserts

Take your dessert table to the next level. FoodyDirect will deliver foods from around the country directly to your table. It also takes a bit of the stress out of preparing for the party. Take this Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake from Grand Traverse Pie Company; sure, you could probably figure out how to make it yourself, but nothing beats the product directly from the source.

4. Make Your Own

You already made your own hot chocolate now, take it one step further and host a Make Your Own Ugly Sweater Party. Gather all of the things your guests will need to deck their sweaters out like glitter, glue, tinsel, and pom-poms. The rest is up to them!

There are a lot of traditions and customs that go along with holiday parties. The good thing? You don’t have to follow any of them! Throw out the rule book and do what you feel like doing. You design the menu and then, let FoodyDirect take the reigns. Order your holiday party dishes today. How will your holiday party stand out this year?