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3 Ways to Create a Gourmet Cookout

Mankind has been “cooking out” since the mastery of fire more than a million and a half years ago. It’s hardly a surprise that contemporary cookouts are virtually unrecognizable from their prehistoric predecessors. However, not all modern-day cookouts are the same. And while there’s a time and a place for casual backyard bashes, gourmet grill-fests are also increasing in popularity. Wondering how to throw an elegant event of your own? Read on for three tips aimed at helping you take your next cookout from ordinary to extraordinary.

Gourmet cookout

Add the world’s finest beef to your cookout menu.

1. Set the Scene

Sure, you can send a group text, wait for guests to show up, throw some meat on the grill and call it a day. But if your goal is to throw an atypical affair, creating the right ambiance is key. It all starts with your invitations. Whether you go with formal paper or a less formal evite, your invitation sets the tone for the entire event.

From color scheme to party theme, conveying this information to your guests early lets them know exactly what to expect. Be clear about details, such as the time, location, and dress code. And, because you never know if Mother Nature will cooperate, be sure to include a rain date or Plan B, as well.

The importance of scene-setting continues throughout your cookout. From dazzling decorations to feel-good summer tunes to gorgeous lighting, attending to each and every detail in advance can not only ensure a perfect party, but can also cut back on hosting stress during the event.

2. Think Simple Yet Sophisticated

Elegant doesn’t mean overboard. In fact, sticking with a simple yet sophisticated menu is guaranteed to impress without overwhelming. And when it comes to carnivorous cookouts, there’s no better way to stand out from the crowd than by serving up the best beef that the country has to offer.

Enter FoodyDirect and A Bar N Ranch. What makes this family-owned and operated cattle operation different from the rest? Generations of Wagyu/Angus cross breeding have resulted in optimal marbling, tenderness, and flavor that puts mere Prime out to pasture. A Bar N Ranch’s sirloin, filet mignon, strip, and ribeye steaks — not to mention burgers, bacon, and sausage — have been described by Chef Dean Fearing as “the best thing ever to hit the grill.” Not sure which to serve up at your soiree? The Wagyu Beef Sampler is a steak lover’s dream.

An added benefit of ordering from FoodyDirect? Just click a few times and a superior feast will be delivered right to your door.

This applies to drinks as well as to food. If budget allows, hiring a bartender adds a glamorous touch to your party while freeing you up to mingle and enjoy the event. For smaller budgets, choosing a “signature drink” is a fun and festive alternative to an open bar. Just set up pitchers with glasses on a buffet table, and let guests help themselves. (Offering up both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic choice

3. Consider Comfort

Cookouts are the ultimate in summer fun, but you do have some extra variables to work with when it comes to entertaining in the great outdoors. From extreme heat to insects, planning any seasonal hiccups can help ensure that your party goes off without a hitch. One of our favorite ways to make sure your guests have everything they need? Setting up a station with summer essentials, such as bug spray, sunscreens, paper fans, and water. Be the hostess with the most-est by encouraging guests to help themselves.

Gourmet cookout

Add festive flair — while inviting guests to linger after dark — with the right lighting.

Tents are another way to keep guest comfortable during barbecues, cookouts, and other outdoor events. They can also make your party feel more inviting, dramatic, or whatever other adjective you’re going for — from romance (candles and twinkle lights) to rock and roll (mirror ball).

Why throw an average cookout when you can shoot for consummate instead?  With these three tips — and a little help from FoodyDirect — you can take your next backyard bash from ho-hum to haute. Shop foods, including American Wagyu beef from A Bar N Ranch and much more, at FoodyDirect today.