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10 Amazing Apple Facts to Learn This International Apple Day

Apples just might be the world’s most famous fruit. After all, what other extraordinary edible orb could tempt a man to forsake paradise just for a single bite? Apples are so remarkable, in fact, that they have an entire day dedicated to their honor and observed around the world. Celebrated annually on the third Saturday in September, International Eat an Apple Day urges people around the globe to sink their teeth into this tasty treat.

Want to get in on the apple-licious action? Read on for a round-up of 10 amazing apple facts.

1. We’ve all heard the expression, “A rose by any other name is not as sweet,” but did you know that apples are actually part of the rose family? Siblings and cousins include peaches, pears, cherries and plums.

International Apple Day

A tasty take on the expression, “pie in the sky.”

2. Apples top the list of fruit eaten per capita by Americans. In a single year, Americans feast on nearly 16 pounds of fresh apples and just under twice that much of apples in processed form. The grand annual apple consumption total? More than 44 pounds!

3. Anyone who’s every bobbed for apples at a Halloween party knows that they float, but how many people know why? As it turns out, water makes up 25 percent of an apple resulting in its unexpected buoyancy.

4. Around the world, more than 7,500 varieties of apples have been identified, including more than 2,500 grown in 36 states in this country. Only one of these, the crabapple, is native to North America. The Pilgrims can otherwise be credited with introducing apples to American soil.

5. While apples are largely viewed as an American fruit, archeologists believe that human consumption of this fruit date as far back as 6500 BC.

6. The tale about George Washington chopping down the cherry tree may be a myth, but historians cite his hobby of pruning his apple trees as fact.

7. The word “pomology” refers to the science of apple growing.

8. While most of us think of fist-size apples when visualizing this yellow, green or red fruit, they can actually range in size with the smallest varieties equal in size to a pea and the largest as big as a petite pumpkin. The biggest apple ever recorded, meanwhile, was grown by an apple farmer in Japan and weighed in at a more than four pounds.

International Apple Day

Latkes with applesauce: not just for the Jewish holidays.

9. While an apple a day may or may not keep the doctor away, eating apples is certainly a healthy habit. Plentiful in antioxidants, dietary fiber and flavonoids, apples have been linked with reducing the risk of numerous health conditions, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

10. Apples not only consistently top the list of America’s favorite kinds of pie, but do so by a landslide. In one survey, apple pie takes first place with 47 percent of the vote while apple crumb is also a top five finisher.

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