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Five Ways to Have a Fabulous Fourth of July This Year

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Americans ignite approximately 200 millions pounds of fireworks worth close to $700 million every year, according to the Amerivan Pyrotechnic Association. That’s the equivalent weight of 200 Boeing 747s! Why are we so enamored with fireworks, and what makes the Fourth of July worthy of the distinction of hosting the country’s biggest collective pyrotechnic display year after year? It’s simple: ... Read More »

Hamburgers: A Not-So-Brief History During National Hamburger Month

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Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, we’re in full-on burger-eating season. And while hamburgers are indeed a beloved American food, the truth is that they date back much farther than the founding of this country. But if not in the United States, where did hamburgers originate? Let’s take a closer look at the history of America’s favorite food, ... Read More »

Three Tips for Throwing the Perfect Company Picnic

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Employers are always seeking out new ways to boost the morale of their employees. Perhaps they should consider looking to the past instead of to the future? Specifically, we’re talking about the time-tested tradition of the company picnic. Let’s take a closer look at why company picnics are a worthwhile initiative, along with tips for pulling off the perfect event ... Read More »

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