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Americans and Chocolate: Savoring the Flavor


Americans eat just under 20 percent of the world’s entire chocolate by value, according to a recent report from CNBC. Just how smitten are Americans with all forms of this rich and creamy confection? Let’s take a closer look at America’s long-time love affair with chocolate, along with where to find some of the country’s very best chocolate delights. An ... Read More »

Expert Interview Series: Lisa Q. Fetterman with Nomiku on Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide cooking

Lisa Fetterman, founder and CEO of Nomiku, is passionate about the idea that already-delicious raw ingredients can be turned into other-worldly dishes. There are endless techniques and schools of thought to learn. “It’s reading Proust but with your mouth,” she says. One cooking method that Lisa has fallen in love with is sous vide, which uses precision heat control for ... Read More »

So Why Do We Give Chocolate on Valentine’s Day, Anyway?

Valentine's Day

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together in the minds of many Americans like Cupid and arrows. But how did these two things become so inextricably intertwined, and why should you keep up the chocolate-giving tradition this February 14th? Let’s take a closer look. A Rich History Chocolate’s affiliation with love and romance dates back thousands of years. The Aztec Indians ... Read More »

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